About Curtis Robinson

headshotSome information about me.

I really love meeting and helping business owners that are passionate about creating solutions that benefit people and the planet.

I am passionate about nature, music, beautiful images, and technology. This love has lead me to incredible experiences creating reality TV, documentaries, action adventure cinematography, working on a stop motion feature film, commercials, web design, motion graphics, snowboarding and Permaculture.

I love to learn, and this career has allowed me to do that endlessly. It has taken me to some incredibly beautiful locations,  Fishing on the Pacific Ocean, Helli-skiing, Rock Climbing, Mountain Biking, filming wild horses in Nehemiah valley, the 2010 Olympics games in Vancouver and releasing rehabilitated Eagles back into the wilderness and so many other amazing moments that I am so grateful for.

I have a beautiful wife and 7 children, and I love to spend time teaching and learning from them as well.

I am currently building a second company called Many Hands Farm, a regenerative 5 acre permaculture farm in Duncan B.C. that creates amazing quality food and abundance through poly-culture and soil building. On the 5 acres stands a passive solar cob home that I hand built with friends in 2010.

Please take a look through my site, and feel free to contact me if you have any questions to ask, or potential projects to work on. I would be happy talk with you.

Curtis Robinson
250 686 1540

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