Demo Video examples:

Here is an example of a local company the reclaims wood into amazing high-end furniture.

I love their work. check out Live edge design.

Live edge design.

Safe drinking water, wastewater treatment, and lake remediation will be some of the biggest challenges for us all in this century.

VisionStudios.ca did a website redesign for Aquatech Environmental. We created a 3D model of the product rather than film underwater in an aquaculture pond. It’s was amazing how many solutions this product provides. Check out the website rebuild. Aquatech Environmental

Here is an example of a demo video created for a Real Estate Developer, Rockwood Heights in Nanaimo B.C.

Rockwood Heights development in Nanaimo BC was looking for a way to show off their modern design and sleek finishes, sustainable initiatives and quiet, natural setting.
Executive luxury living in a prime location on Vancouver Island.

Shot by Curtis Robinson and Bob Ennis.
Edited by Curtis Robinson at VisionStudios.

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