BC Experience: A Tale of Two Mountains

BC Experience: A Tale of Two Mountains https://vimeo.com/24816633%20640%20360 This edit was one of the 20 videos I edited for a Geodiscovery terminal installation which was an interactive display that was part of a flight simulator at BC Experience exhibit in Victoria, B.C.

BC Experience: In our own words

This was one of the most amazing projects that I have had the privilege to work on. “In Our Own Words” is a multiscreen totem pole with the objective to represent the 200+ first nations tribes in British Columbia. Here is a small segment of the presentation, [vimeo 24909675 274 800]

BC Experience: Whale Watching

[vimeo 24816975 640 360] This show was presented on a 65 inch Panasonic plasma screen at the B.C Experience building. It is a mixture of HD and SD footage and was presented in HD with the viewer no more than a few feet from the screen. I had to really dial in the mpeg compression […]

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