'Video Production'

Are you a small business owner that has an amazing product or service that makes a positive impact in the world?

Do you need help reaching more customers for your great product or service? We want to help you tell the story of your product or service in the most effective way so that your new customer understands exactly how you can help solve their problem and can’t wait to buy from you. What makes a …[Click here to read the rest of this article…]

Explainer Videos

Green Gizmos transfers sun-generated, earth-crust stored energy for purposes of interior space warming and hot water production. It transfers that energy without combustion and therefore without greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.  

Camera Operator, 2010 Winter Olympic Games

I had the chance to work at the Atlantic Canada House filming all of the great musicians and events during the 2010 Winter Olympic Games. Here are a couple of short videos that were really memorable acts from Atlantic Canada. To learn more about Kevin check out his website:

Demo Videos

Company Demo Video examples: Here is an example of a local company the reclaims wood into amazing high end furniture. I love the their work. check out Live edge design. Safe drinking water, wastewater treatment, and lake remediation will be some of the biggest challenges for us all in this century. VisionStudios.ca did a website …[Click here to read the rest of this article…]

Multi-screen Presentations

A Multi-screen presentation can be a simply stunning centerpiece in an exhibit or tradeshow that will gather large amounts of attention. The immersive experience encourages your audience to watch again and again. I have worked on 3 screen HD shows, and even a 5 Screen totem pole that told the story of the 200 First Nations …[Click here to read the rest of this article…]

Television Documentary

In 2010 I had a chance to work on a very cool show with a talented crew. The show was called Rodeo Riders.  I wore many hats on this production. Technical Director, Camera man, and Online Editor. I really enjoyed being part of the whole project from start to finish. This is the clip that …[Click here to read the rest of this article…]

Feature Film

Edison & Leo I worked as Technical Support, Data Wrangler and Assistant Editor on the Feature Film Edison and Leo. The system was an 11TB Xsan with 14 MacPro Towers set up as animation stations. I controlled the systems via Remote Desktop. This allowed me to support the animators without walking through and disrupting the …[Click here to read the rest of this article…]

Bodog FIGHT / Battle of the Bands Technical Director

I was contracted to budget, design, specify and build the production and post-production systems to handle 2 reality shows in production concurrently for BODOG Entertainment Group in Vancouver.  The infrastructure included 12 Panasonic HDX 900 cameras, 1 Varicam, and 22 Final Cut Pro editing systems networked together via fiber channel to a 150 Terabyte Apple …[Click here to read the rest of this article…]

BC Experience: In our own words

This was one of the most amazing projects that I have had the privilege to work on. “In Our Own Words” is a multiscreen totem pole with the objective to represent the 200+ first nations tribes in British Columbia. Here is a small segment of the presentation,

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