Remote Computer Support from Expert technicians.

Keeping computers updated and running smoothly can sometimes be a difficult job.

We can help! With over 20 years of experience maintaining, optimizing, and setting up Windows and Apple computer systems for television, feature film, small business and personal computing, you can be sure that we have the knowledge it takes to create and maintain a system that works great for you.

We create computer systems that eliminate many of the headaches that are so common today. By creating automated backups, synchronization between devices and remote support, we can greatly reduce maintenance costs and headaches for you.

Very often a quick call to our remote support will reduce the cost of expensive on-site callouts. Quite often computer problems can quickly and efficiently be diagnosed and solved remotely without interrupting your day or having you have to leave your desk.

Give us a call at 250 686-1540 to talk about how we can help you maintain your existing computers, business computers and networks. If you are looking to upgrade or design a new system, We can help. We Look forward to hearing from you! 

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