'Technical Support'


Keeping computers updated and running smoothly can sometimes be a difficult job. This is where we can help. With over 20 years of experience maintaining, optimizing, and setting up Windows and Apple computer systems for television, feature film, small business and personal computing, you can be sure that we have the knowledge it takes to …[Click here to read the rest of this article…]

Shaw Ocean Discovery Centre

The Shaw Ocean Discovery Centre is an aquarium and marine education centre focused on the amazing ecosystem of the Salish Sea. This was an amazing learning experience for me where I helped to create a graphic interface for a touchscreen learning exhibit. It could be viewed overhead on a large HD monitor, or trigger playback …[Click here to read the rest of this article…]

Feature Film

Edison & Leo I worked as Technical Support, Data Wrangler and Assistant Editor on the Feature Film Edison and Leo. The system was an 11TB Xsan with 14 MacPro Towers set up as animation stations. I controlled the systems via Remote Desktop. This allowed me to support the animators without walking through and disrupting the …[Click here to read the rest of this article…]

Bodog FIGHT / Battle of the Bands Technical Director

I was contracted to budget, design, specify and build the production and post-production systems to handle 2 reality shows in production concurrently for BODOG Entertainment Group in Vancouver.  The infrastructure included 12 Panasonic HDX 900 cameras, 1 Varicam, and 22 Final Cut Pro editing systems networked together via fiber channel to a 150 Terabyte Apple …[Click here to read the rest of this article…]

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