Monterey installer fails with stuck progress bar Fix.

Monterey Installer Stuck Progress Bar

Monterey can have an upgrade issue. In some situations, the upgrade will fail and get stuck with a progress bar that never completes even after waiting for 10 hours When you are upgrading to macOS Monterey, Big Sur, or Catalina your upgrade could fail if it matches a specific condition. There can be a large […]

Stop a hard drive from mounting at startup Mac OS X

All Hard Drives Fail

1) Make sure the hard drive you want to prevent mounting at boot is mounted. 2) Launch Terminal. 3) Run the following command to find out what disks are mounted on your system. diskutil list this should give a list of drives. 4) Find out more information on the drive you don’t want to mount. […]

Is my Apple Computer overheating?

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Before cleaning computer is overheating. CHOKE. After Cleaning, Computer runs great. Many Mac Computers have horrible cooling. If you want to see what temperature your computer is running, I recommend trying iStatMenus. With this software installed you can see how hot your CPU and GPU’s are getting when you are using your computer. Heat is […]

Is my Hard drive failing?

All Hard Drives Fail

How to Tell If Your Hard Drive is Failing. Here are some of the signs for a failing hard drive: Sluggish performance Disconnections (the hard drive ejects improperly) Unusual noises (clicking, grinding), Files are becoming corrupted. Files don’t copy, or some don’t open correctly. Applications are crashing.   Hard drives tend to last 4-8 years […]

My Favorite Mac Keyboard Shortcuts

How to take a screenshot on your Mac

Your New Favorite Mac Keyboard Shortcuts | Screen Shots It’s time to improve your speed and efficiency on your computer and give that mouse hand a break.  Press and hold these three keys together: (Shift, Command, and 4)  Drag the crosshair  to choose the area of the screen to capture. To move the selection, press and hold […]

How to hide desktop icons Mac Terminal

Clean up your desktop in Mac OSX

How to Hide Desktop Icons in Mac OS X using the Terminal Here’s how to have a perfectly clean desktop without deleting any files. Be careful when using the terminal. Type carefully. You can copy and paste the command below.  To hide your Mac desktop icons, for example: Launch Terminal from Applications ➙ Utilities CarefullyType […]

Moving Home Folders to External Drives on Mac

Moving Home Folders to External Drives on Mac If you are running out of space on your internal drive and you want to move your entire ~Home folder or just one folder like ~/Movies or ~/Pictures follow one of the options below: Remember: Be careful and make sure that you have your data backed up before […]

SSD Trim Enabler in OS X Yosemite

About Trim in Yosemite You will want to read this article by Cindori AB. I am posting the code from his article just in case this page goes missing for some reason. Recovering from stop sign on boot screen For those who are stuck on the grey boot screen, here’s how you get back into OS […]

Dynex™ 2-Port eSATA II drivers for Yosemite. SiI3132_1.2.5.0_Sil_Pkg

I upgraded my old MacPro1,1 to run Yosemite, but my old Dynex Esata card was needing drivers re-installed. Here are the drivers that worked for me. The drivers on the Dynex website didn’t work.   As soon as I installed these drivers, the drives were recognized, no restart necessary. SiI3132_1.2.5.0_Sil_Pkg

Show Invisible files in Yosemite

How to Show Invisible files in Mac OS X You can reveal these hidden system files with a lesser-known keyboard shortcut. In the Finder, press Command-Shift-period To show invisible or hidden files in the finder use these commands in the terminal: 1. Open the Terminal. Hint:Keyboard shortcut. Press Keys. Command + spacebar then type: Terminal  Press […]

software update wont update os x, Smartboard Technologies

Mac OS X 10.6.4 Update Fails   remove /etc/launchd.conf It seems in a fit of incredibly poor software citizenship, the Smart installer sets a limit on the number of open files – for the entire operating system and all programs running on it. This file handle limit not only prevented my update from running, it […]