Moving Home Folders to External Drives on Mac

Moving Home Folders to External Drives on Mac If you are running out of space on your internal drive and you want to move your entire ~Home folder or just one folder like ~/Movies or ~/Pictures follow one of the options below: Remember: Be careful and make sure that you have your data backed up before […]

SSD Trim Enabler in OS X Yosemite

About Trim in Yosemite You will want to read this article by Cindori AB. I am posting the code from his article just in case this page goes missing for some reason. Recovering from stop sign on boot screen For those who are stuck on the grey boot screen, here’s how you get back into OS […]

Render Farm

  Apple Qmaster Render Farm Setup Tested Compressor and Qmaster render farm setup. Here you can look at the settings and configuration of the setup that I am currently using, Nov 29/07     You need to install Compressor and Qmaster on all of the machines that you are going to cluster together. I have […]